What is FormFlow?

Using pen to fill paper forms is a natural user interface for many applications. FormFlow is software that brings the great benefits of pen to IT-systems. FormFlow has two parts: FormFlow Viewer to fill data into forms and submit the information to external systems such as ERP, FormFlow Developer to create new forms and workflows. FormFlow Presentation pdf.


FormFlow runs on Tablet PC computers and supports: wireless networks, selected RFID readers and GPS systems. The software is open source and published under MIT License.





FormFlow Viewer features

  • Fully pen based system for filling forms
  • Submitting data over http
  • Supports pre-filled data
  • Works off-line and synchronizes data
  • Supports Scandinavian alphabets ,,.
  • Data is exported as XML


FormFlow Developer features

  • A graphical user interface to develop forms
  • Supports several data types
  • File format is XML
  • Supports workflows



Translating existing forms into distributed computing applications is a quick process. Modeling forms with Developer tool allows rapid testing before full scale implementation. Other benefits of FormFlow include:


  • Recycle existing forms
  • Flexible workflow configuration
  • Easy to learn
  • Both on-line and offline


Potential uses

The potential range of users include the people on the move who still need to submit information into centralized systems. The form application areas include warehousing, distribution, public safety, rental, power/utility, transportation, field service, military and marine. For outdoor uses, the FormFlow developer team recommends rugged Tablet PCs.



The FormFlow software is being developed in an academic project funded by European Union.

The following companies are using FormFlow as part of their solutions:


-         Axel Group

-         Mobida

-         Neviso




How to get it?

We suggest that you download latest version of FormFlow-software from our project site at SourceForge. The SourceForge site also includes also source codes, feature requests, bug reports etc.

Currently an alpha version of the system (available only in Finnish):




FormFlow is developed by University of Vaasa, Logistics Systems Research Group.


Petri Helo
Research professor (acting), PhD. (industrial management)

Phone: +358-50-5562668
Home page:


Project website at SourceForge